Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Babies and other Updates

Yesterday our farm welcomed five new kittens! It was our first birth on the farm and everybody was excited. I have to admit that there is something about baby kittens that makes me feel like this is a "real" farm!

Our oldest dairy goat was not bred so we won't be milking anytime soon. I have been charting her cycle and she has a date with a buck next month. My goal is to avoid babies coming in January and February.

We've been busy building our goat barn and chicken run. I had plans on completely free ranging our hens but they refuse to lay in the coop. I finally broke down and had my dad build a run. Our feed cost has already gone up even though we are supplementing with all our garden scraps and kitchen scraps. We aren't getting many eggs anymore. I'm guessing it's because the colder weather is here.

The next thing on our to do list is cutting firewood. Our home is heated by a wood burner only. This will be our first winter here and we aren't sure how much wood we will need. I'm planning on ordering a cord or two from a local Amish family that will help get us started.

How are things on your homestead?


Jennifer said...

so good to hear an update! I like your new look, but the font is very hard to read. I wonder if I am getting old?

autumn said...

Thanks jennifer! I thought it was hard to read too. My son likes to manage the look of the blog and picked this font. I'll be changing it to something else soon!! : )

ohiomommy said...

I'm not sure on the efficiency of your wood burner, but we burn about 14 truckloads of wood a season. That's over filled full size ford loads. Not sure on the cordage amount, though. Our woodburner isn't firebrick lined so we burn more than others would, I think. Just a little example of possible amounts for you :)