Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yet Another Update!

We've been busy here at the farm. We took our oldest dairy goat on a date and we're crossing our fingers that she came back bred. If she is we'll be looking for a baby goat in April. I'm happy about when she should be due. Hopefully spring will come to Ohio early next year and the weather will be warm.

Our entire litter of kittens ended up dying at 3 weeks. One day they were fine and within two days they all were gone. It was an extremely sad day for us. I have found that since we've moved to the farm we have learned a lot about death. It is extremely frustrating at times and heart breaking for myself and the kids.

I've been busy preparing the animals for winter. We're cleaning out the chicken coop and putting fresh straw in and closing up some of the windows. I'm also going to be putting a light on them to encourage them to start laying again. Our goat barn is finished and wonderful. My son and I extended our pasture for the goats this past week. It was the first time that we did it without any help!!

We are the proud owners of two lion head rabbits. One is a buck, the other a doe. They are extremely tame and love to be held. They will be some lucky girls 4-H project this coming summer.

One of the other things that I'm becoming more focused on is reducing our grocery budget again. It seems like weekly the prices are going up and up. I see the cost of animal feed going up as well. I cannot wait till next fall when we will be butchering two steers. The cost of meat is incredible for our family. Our entire family enjoys meat and don't like beans or pasta. At this point I'm not ready to quit eating meat but we have started reducing the amount we use and I am constantly looking at ways to reduce our expenses.

With the economy going down and prices going up, how are you stretching your dollars?

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