Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WFMW--His Will

December has been a rough month. It's easy to become discouraged and bitter that we cannot afford the kind of Christmas I want to give my children. I begin to question if we're walking in God's will with this business. I get snippy with my husband when he reminds me that we can't afford to spurge on anything right now. Frustration reigns.

But the, a glimmer of hope- a check arrives in time to pay some bills, I find a gift that only God could provide and sell enough cheesecakes to cover it. I begin to be reminded that He cares for the small details as well as the big details. I feel the peace of walking in God's will again. My faith is renewed and I find it easier to smile when the balance is low. I encourage my husband to stay strong- that this too shall pass. I stretch the budget till it screams. We pull together to support my husband. We stay home, we play games, my girls stop asking for more and find content in being together.

Remembering that walking in His will isn't always easy but there's no place I'd rather be Works for me!!

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Jennifer said...

Autumn, it is so hard when money is short! Y'all are doing an amazing job and I am very impressed with how you are holding up. Keep it up! It will definitely get easier after Christmas.