Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up-- A Good Week

Here are some of our highlights of the week!!

We've struggled this year with getting a good routine going. I was hoping since my oldest started public school that it would be easier to put my younger children on a routine but it hasn't worked until this week. I was amazed to discover a routine that seems to be working for us.

My oldest daughter passed her next level in her Awana book. This is our first year in this program and we LOVE it!! My girls have learned so much about the Bible and God in this program!

My middle daughter's reading is improving. She's 7 and I haven't stressed phonics until this year. I'm excited to see her progress.

We've also found an English program that we all enjoy. We're using First Language Lessons and all my girls ages 9-2 are doing the same book. I am amazed what my youngest two are learning while listening. My older girls are enjoying memorizing the poems and I enjoy how easy it is to teach!

I've finally been able to consistently find time for a preschool activity for my youngest girls. It was so exciting to see my 5 year old doing a page in her school book on her own. I will need to buy some cheap workbooks for my 2 year old as she wants her own school books!!

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See Jamie blog said...

Isn't it great to find a schedule that works? Ours is still in need of tweaking, and actually may have a complete overhaul with some big changes for the remainder of the year, so a schedule that works is sort of a hazy dream at the moment. {sigh} We'll get there, though, and glad y'all are in the groove now!