Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Traditions

As a newly self employed family we've been working on cutting our spending to the bare minimum. This Christmas season has been a test of faith as we're busy waiting on payments to come in. We've stretched our gift budget far-- we weren't comfortable completely cutting out our budget and here's why. My children are used to gifts under the tree. I'm grateful that we were able to carve out a goal of $100 for all of our gifts. I was able to meet that goal by using Amazon trade in which earned me $75 in gift cards and swagbucks. I was able to purchase a couple of most wanted items that way and used my cash budget on Cyber Monday American Girl deals. My kids are getting three gifts a piece, a stocking that contains two very small gifts, and gently used presents from each other on Christmas eve.

In years past we've always had a real Christmas tree but this year the $50-60 dollar tree was not in the budget!! God was good to us and we found a beautiful fake tree at the thrift store for $10. We also bought some huge bags of ornaments for $1.50 so we've been able to enjoy a Christmas tree. I won't lie though my kids were disappointed about not getting a real tree but did understand that the money just wasn't there this year.

This year we've also been enjoying lots of Christmas specials on tv. I make special snacks and we snuggle under blankets and stay up late to watch all our favorite shows. Another new tradition is making every Friday gift/baking day. We invite friends over and make homemade gifts or goodies for food baskets.

Have you made any new traditions this year?

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Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi there, here is a post of how we do traditions at our home. Take heart the important things are what you already have: Jesus and your family. :)