Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Turning Dreams into Reality

My husband has been working part time for his own photography business for about a year and a half. We've talked on and off for most of that time about when and if he should make a jump into working full time on his business, and now we decided to jump!!! Originally, our plan was to wait until the end of January to go this route but he's been keeping busy and had to turn down some opportunities so we decided to go for it. I won't lie, I'm scared silly. I worry about where the money will come from and how we'll adjust to the feast or famine lifestyle that comes with being self employed. I'm aware that I might need to find a part time job during the day to help out for awhile.

I'm also aware that I'm in a unique place right now. I can either support my husband's dreams by tightening our belts and going black belt style frugal or I can hinder him. It will be hard- we're entering into the holiday season where we're encouraged to spend way more than we make. We've gotten used to being comfortable- eating out whenever we want, buying stuff at thrift stores ( just wants--not needs), driving more than necessary. We'll be giving up the things that we were used to. However, the cost of following our dreams is priceless!

Have you made any life changes lately?

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh ~I am walking this very step right now with my Hannah. She has been homeschooled her who;e life but just graduated. We are currently putting her through The New York Institute of Photography. This is her dream~I will be watching you and your husband from a far. We are getting ready to rake this jump too. I said a prayer for your business!