Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tips on Getting Out of the Pit

It's hard on mom and her family when she's battling with burn out and discouragement which can add to mom's burden as she is often overwhelmed with guilt for being burnt out!! Here are my top 10 things I do to help myself get out of that pit.

1. Remember God is in control- not you! Give you burdens to Him. ( trust me when I say I need to do this all day---sometimes every minute!)

2. Each day is a gift. Even if the kids are screaming, there are no clean dishes or clothes, or money in the bank.

3. Clean something. Do you have a junk drawer that annoys you every time you open it? Take 30 minutes and clean it.

4. Throw things away. It gives me a feeling of accomplishing something when I attack a stack of "treasures" that aren't treasures...like a drawer full of half colored coloring books or notebooks full of scribbles ( real scribbles from the 2 yr old)

5. Make meals simple. Pancakes and eggs for dinner. Fruit and popcorn for lunch.

6. Have a catch up day. What chore are you most behind in? If it's laundry take a day and just get it all done. Use your dryer (not so frugal I know but it's okay just this once!!) so you can get it all done-washed, dried, folded, and put away. Reward yourself with some computer time, coffee, or chocolate!! Same goes for dishes---run that dish washer till all the dishes are clean!!

7. Go thrifting. Some weeks I might only have $2 or $5 but I challenge myself to see how much I can get for it. Sometimes a new to you shirt is just what you need!!

8. Take a nap. Let your kids watch some tv or play a computer game and take a cat nap.

9. Go to the library. Check out a book that doesn't have to do with saving money, teaching your children, cooking, etc. Pick a book that looks interesting and get it!!

10. Spend time with a friend who makes you laugh. I don't get away by myself much at all. 99% of the time I have at least one child with me but I still manage to get some friend time. It might be coffee with our youngest children while the others are in Awanas or taking a friend along on my monthly shopping trips. Recently, it's been taking 8 children and 2 moms and going to yard sales.

How do you battle burn out?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Autumn,
During my burnt out time I have hit the pause button. Taking the simple path as much as possible. Make it easy on yourself. You are a wonderful person. That is what I am doing.

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

This is a great post here, dear.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts, and I am enjoying my visit to your blog, too. I hope you'll stop over and visit me at Free 2 Be Frugal.