Sunday, August 22, 2010

Extreme Savings!

As a one income family we're always looking for ways to save money. Recently money was flowing a little too freely out of our pockets so we decided to take some extreme measures. Our first move was to find the leak and plug it. For our family our biggest money leak is using our ATM card. We decided to cut it up. We now use cash only! I have to plan all of my spending to the penny. We put a set amount of gas in the car and if we run out before payday it's too bad. ( this works for us since my hubby walks to work!)

It's amazing the difference it is when you have to plan for your purchases. I no longer walk through the thrift stores for fun. I don't stop at yard sales. It is hard to get used to spending only cash, however for our family it's been a huge help.

Have you found a great way to save your family money?

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Angela said...

I can't imagine living without my debit card, but you're right, I spend more money when I use it then when I have cash.

Abbi said...

I think that would be a fun challange but I have never tried it.