Friday, August 20, 2010

Price List for Produce Stands

I do a lot of grocery shopping from Farmer's Markets and Amish road side stands in the summer. I buy produce to can and freeze as well as eat. I want to make sure I'm getting the best deal I can so I started keeping a price book. I have five different Amish families that I shop from on a regular basis so I keep a list of produce I buy from each one as well as their best price.

By doing this I saved $2 a bushel on tomatoes- the best price I found per bushel is $10 for fresh organic tomatoes- highest price was $15 but going rate seems to be $12. It might not seem like much but when purchasing several bushels it adds up!!

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ohiomommy said...

This prices seem very good. Where did you find the tomatoes for that price? I can't find them that cheap :( And where is this farm to pick for 1/2 shares? I would love to take my girls there. Please email me if you want.

autumn said...

The raspberry farm is called Ann's raspberry farm...just google it you'll find it! It's a wonderful and clean farm.