Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homestead Happenings

Today was a busy day. We took our remaining broilers to be processed today. They were running a little behind schedule so the kids were out playing when I realized that two of my girls were watching the chicken processing!!! I was worried that it would prevent them from ever eating whole chicken again. I made one of the birds for dinner tonight and I admit to being a little hesitant about taking a bite. It was different since we had raised these birds from birth to death.

We also put up our years worth of sweet corn and shredded zucchini. My oldest two girls helped this year. Again I was reminded that they're growing up. My oldest was able to shred all the zucchini while I was cutting the corn off. My second oldest was changing a diaper and helping put our youngest down for a nap!

We only have two more days at the fair. Thursday is auction day and then our journey of raising meat birds will be officially over. I am so proud of my son. He has done everything with raising these birds. I never even touched one of the chickens!


Jennifer said...

We keep contemplating raising meat chickens, but I really don't think we could process them ourselves. I wish I could find someone local to do it for us and then we would totally raise a flock. I'm glad it is working out so well for you. Did you taste a difference in the chicken?

autumn said...

I know a couple places around here and one up by Amish country.
I did find that this was incredibly juicy meat. It wasn't tough at all and for dinner I only used the breast meat and it fed my family of seven. I picked off the rest of the meat and froze it. Our meat birds only weighed about 5.5lb but we still got at least 3 meals from it.

Jennifer said...

Autumn, could you please let me know the name and possible phone number of the place in amish country? Thanks! It sounds delicious.