Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up-The Week our Chickens Died

This past week has been full of ups and downs. It was beyond busy-it was insane busy. My oldest had a pen of broilers at our local county fair for 4-H- this meant that we had to be at the fair twice a day (or more!) to feed and water his birds. It also meant spending a couple full days at the fair with all five of our children ages 11-2...enough said!!

Monday was spent at the fair. It was a show day and we stayed to ride some rides.

Tuesday morning we took our remaining chickens to the butcher where we had a very interesting science class...some of the kids chose to watch the chicken processing procedure....I did not! My four year old learned about life and death and we all mourned our chickens passing.

Wednesday we went to our local pool since admission was half off for fair week. Price for six people $13.50!! All the kids loved the pool and so did I!

Thursday was auction day. We were at the fair bright and early and stayed all day. Our youngest daughter (age 2) decided to potty train that day so I spent a lot of time walking down the hill to the flush bathroom! My son earned $200 for his pen of birds so he was happy!

Friday has been a catch up day. I cleaned the house and did laundry. We also managed to get some friend time in too.

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Jennifer said...

Your post reminded me of growing up! We used to raise meat chickens every year - not for 4H, just for food. We had the Great Chicken Massacre every year. . . quite the experience and very educational! No better way to learn avian anatomy! :)

Annie Kate said...

Oh, butchering day is coming up here, too. I've got to buy enough freezer bags and gloves. It's a big job, and we have a lot of birds to put into the freezer.

My kids don't do dissections for biology; they butcher chickens and marvel at the innards--at least for the first few chickens! Once they even found a tumor!

Annie Kate