Sunday, June 6, 2010

Updates from the Homestead

It's been a wild few days here. A wicked stomach virus has been running through our entire household since Tuesday. I had hoped that we had seen the last of it but my youngest two were sick again tonight.

We had a scare here over some crops-our landlord had someone spraying around our home without notifying us and I was so worried they had killed everything. It appears that he "only" sprayed all my carrots, beets,lettuce, and a couple of volunteer tomato plants in my flower bed. I was not happy and neither is our oldest daughter who is doing a vegetable project in 4-H this year-they were her early crops that she has to show in early July. I'm praying the weather and God provides us with some awesome cucumbers and at least 3 more veggies in time for showing.

On a happier note we now have 10 chicks living with my son---- the feathered kind of chicks that is! He finally was able to get his broilers for his project and since it's going to be chilly tonight he's bunking with them in his room!! All the kids are excited to see the baby chicks! I love watching our youngest "hold" them!!

I also picked our first ripe tomato today as well as 2lbs of strawberries and a small handful of red raspberries!!

How's your homestead growing?


ohiomommy said...

sorry to hear about the plant disaster, but the rest is good :) You will quickly find out those particular chicks smell... a lot. They are not the typical chick smell so enjoy the little cuties while you can. Mine are almost three weeks now and I would not have them in the house. Check out for lots of info on chickens of all kinds.

Jennifer said...

Oh my word, you are in OH right? I can't believe you have a ripe tomato already. I think I am 2 months away from that here. So sorry your plants were sprayed, not good!