Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beating Summer Boredom

Today's works for me Wednesday is to share our favorite ways to keep boredom at bay. Here's a list of my top 10 ways to stop the "mom, I'm bored" call.

1. join your library summer reading program. We join three local libraries programs. They each offer something different. One takes awesome field trips and the other two has neat craft and activities.
2. encourage your older kids to start a blog. My oldest writes at least a half hour a day on his blog.
3. garden as a family. We all pull weeds and help take care of the gardens.
4. have a park day! Each week pick a different local park and have a picnic!
5. run through the sprinkler--you too mom!!!
6. go to vacation Bible school. Our church has a water themed vbs and it's at a local park/lake for a week. Our older church offers a Bible based sports camp for a week. Last year it had cheer leading, volley ball, basket ball, and soccer.
7. visit your local pool. We had planned on buying a membership but our finances didn't allow it so instead we're going to visit once a week or every other week for the summer.
8. make it a summer of science or history. go on fun field trips to the zoo and museums and state parks.
9. host a back yard day camp for friends. Have an art camp for a week. Plan to study different artists and do paintings, sculptures, and other messy activities.
10. go to U-pick farms. Pick strawberries and other fruits/veggies together.

For other tips check out We are that Family


Mom2fur said...

You sound like a really fun mom! I used to love to take my kids to the beach for a picnic, or to the planetarium that is (luckily) just 10 minutes from my home. I also liked to plan craft and science projects for them. I was just telling my husband the other day how much I miss those days. My youngest will be 20 this month!

Milehimama said...

We just joined our library's summer program. I didn't know it, but they give out prizes to the kids! And they have an ADULT summer reading program, and you are entered in drawings for gift cards.

We're also doing the Barnes and Noble one. Read 8 books, and you get a free book (off their list.)

I would encourage you to check out community centers for pools. Around here, the HOA's and YMCA have lots of pools - but you have to pay. I found out at our community center, swimming is FREE! You just have to live in the county and call them 1 day ahead.