Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chicken Update

We're enjoying learning about our chickens. It's been exciting to check on them everyday and see their progress. My goal is to post a picture each week so ya'll can see how our chicks are doing!! I'm hoping to be able to put them in a little run in the yard for awhile this weekend.

Our gardens are doing well. I am finally able to see what was sprayed and what wasn't. I think that most everything will be okay but a couple plants look a little droopy...I'm guessing the chemicals blew onto them. Our strawberries are still producing tons of berries. We did get behind when we were all sick so it appears that the ants are trying to stage a take over. I'm still content to pick about a pound or so a day. Our everbearing plants are really rocking!! Our June bearing plants are finally putting out some berries we picked two bowls full today of golf ball sized berries!!! Our red raspberries are also coming on. The girls picked several today...if they don't stop there won't be much of a harvest!!! It is so nice to just be able to wonder around our home and stop to pick a snack!!

The rabbit is also doing well. She's busy providing us with some wonderful manure!! We're going to get some meat rabbits next spring. Rabbits are so easy to take care of...and the kids love the cuddle factor.

How are things at your homestead?

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