Monday, May 24, 2010


Today we picked our first strawberry from our patch! Oh the excitement of finding the first ripe strawberry of the season!! I figure by the end of the week we'll be picking berries!!

We also had our first salad from the garden. My lettuce and spinach were really slow to grow. Our lettuce is finally taking off but the spinach isn't.

The gardens are going well. I've been planting more each day. The kids are all enjoying checking for progress on the plants as well. I love this time of year. I spent the day getting caught up on weeding and watching the kids play in the sprinkler. If only everyday could be so peaceful!!


Miranda said...

We love finding the first strawberry... always so exciting. We are up to about half a bowl a day, so by week end we should have several. YUM!

~Sara said...

I picked my first strawberry yesterday too! Actually I found 4 that were good and ripe. Looks like I will have lots more in the next couple days! So exciting.