Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Farmer's Market

Today was my first day selling at our local farmer's market. It was freezing, yesterday was a beautiful 80 degrees and this morning it was cloudy, windy, and 50!
There weren't a lot of customers but there were several vendors selling baked goods. I know once the produce comes on there won't be as many baked goods but for now the competition is fierce.

Here's what I did right....
* I offered free samples of the gluten free doughnut holes
* my table was filled with goodies
* made doughnuts fresh this morning!!

What I'll do differently....
* more samples- next week I'll have a plate of gluten free angel food cake and many more doughnut holes
* I need to dress up my table more...signs about what gluten free means, nice country table cloth
* focus on making two or three really great products

Have you sold anything at your farmer's market?

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Jennifer said...

I haven't sold at ours before, but I know baked goods are big right now, before the veggies come in. That and seedlings. I went to one in Cleveland today (freezing!) and there were tons of bakery tables set up. I hope this new venture pans out well for you. How did the garage sale go?