Thursday, April 29, 2010

Homestead Happenings

Things are hopping around our homestead!! Today we're bringing home our rabbit!! My oldest daughter is showing breeder rabbits at fair for 4-H and we are busily getting our home ready for our new addition.

We're also in the final planning stages for our garden. We hope to know for sure about our house in two weeks. If we're moving I won't be planting any more berries here- instead I'll be putting in our strawberry patch at our new house. We're blessed that our friends live in the house right now so if a move is in our future I'm going to be tilling up some land for a huge strawberry patch, red raspberry patch, and some grapes. The house comes with 8 mature apple trees and plenty of wild black raspberries.
I'm hoping to grow enough veggies that I'll be able to can all of our tomato products and freeze peppers and onions for the year. My main goal is to avoid the grocery store all Summer. It should be totally doable if the garden produces well. Our milk and eggs are from friends-we'll also have our own chickens this year for our meat!! I'll be hitting up Costco and Whole Foods for some bulk purchases and the rest should be all local from friends, our garden or farmers markets.

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