Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Once a Month Grocery Shopping Works for Me

I believe in doing one huge grocery shop a month. I also usually take all five of my kids along with me. Here's how we make it work.

I always start with planning my monthly meals and shopping our freezers/pantries. We also make sure our van is clean and empty to have room for all our goodies. I clean out our fridge and cabinets too.

I used to make several stops at different stores but last month we checked out costco. I was happy to see that they had lower prices on 95% of the things we buy. We bought a membership and now I'll do my big trip here. I saved over $100 just shopping at costco.

Why shopping this way works for me-
I now can save a lot of time since I only shop one store. I'm also glad I checked out other places instead of shopping at the same places and assuming I knew the best prices. I'm also less tempted to spend money since I only go to the store once a month. I love having more free time to enjoy other things instead of running to the grocery store.

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Amanda said...

Shopping once a month works for me too. I still make a bi-weekly trip for milk and eggs.

Forever Neighbor said...

We always shop at Costco for most of our bulk purchases. Well I should say Sams Club because where we live we do not have Costco. =( I really need to try Once a Month shopping, and just run to the store for milk, and fresh produce. Blessings!

Cara @ Health Home and Happiness said...

I like seeing what works for different people. We used to do a big once a month trip, but now we like weekly trips better. This may change once I have more children, though ;)

Anonymous said...

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