Monday, March 8, 2010

Homestead Updates

You know what the best part of dreaming of your dream homestead is? When it starts to come true...we have the possibility of renting to own our dream home. It is 2800 square ft, 2 wood burners, 10 acres- 5 wooded-5 pasture/yard- pond. It is very exciting to think about. It also already has a barn/fencing.

It appears to be made for our family. It has a very open floor plan and 3 bathrooms/4 bedrooms. We know the people who currently are living there and it's her parents that would be "selling" the property to us. We have kicked our savings into high gear. The soonest we could move would probably be Dec. of 2010 so we'd like to have a huge chunk of money saved up by then. We are planning on living as frugally as possible until then. The kids are all very excited about the possibility of moving here so they are very supportive.

I'm looking for even more ways to save money. What is your best money saving tip?


Jennifer said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! One tip that has really helped me lately is to just say no. No we do not need to go to the youth ballet this weekend (saving $30). No my son does not need to play the serious baseball for his first time ever - the after school program will work just fine and save me $60. No I do not need new sandals right now, I can glue mine back together to make it a while longer. No we do not NEED to order pizza, scrambled eggs will be just fine for dinner.

You get the idea. I have really been rethinking things before making a decision and usually it ends up no these days. Good luck!

~Sara said...

I am so happy for you Autumn, that sounds perfect! I agree with Jennifer, just saying no is the best way to save money. Thinking out every purchase before you spend the money has helped me alot.

Good luck!