Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homestead Happenings

We have a ton of snow already and it's still falling outside. What's a momma to do? Here at our homestead we use snowy winter days to deep clean. We have bags of stuff to give away!!

Another thing we do on snow days is make doughnuts. I love making doughnuts from scratch. I'm going to make a batch tomorrow because I needed to make bread today.

I'm so glad I was able to go to the store last week. I made some bulk purchases that should last us a long time. I bought 50lb organic popcorn, 50lb organic hard wheat berries, 25lb organic sugar, 50lb unbleached organic flour, and when this snow finally stops I'll be able to pick up my 50lb of organic sucanat!!

I'm also excited to find out that a friend of ours has pasture raised chickens for sale. I'm going to buy a couple now and hopefully I'll be able to place a larger order later this summer.


Jennifer said...

Is it a local source for the organic bulk buys or more of a chain? I am trying to figure out where I can buy things like that.

autumn said...

I buy my bulk purchases through different places. The organic flour I bought from a local organic store. She offers a buying club but I don't think this is from there.

I bought my organic sucanat from a store called the Raisin Rack in Westerville but I think I'll be able to order it through the buyers club after this.

I bought the other items at Whole Foods. I wasn't having much luck finding many bulk organic buys. We have a Adventist store in town but it doesn't have a huge variety of organic items.

autumn said...

The flour came from Stutzman farms. They are in Holmes county. They have a lot of different types of grains/flours. I'm looking for a website but haven't found it yet.