Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Microwave??

As I began our quest to live a more simple life I began reading about people who were living without a microwave. Why or why would they give up the convenience of heating food up in 30 seconds?? The more I read the more I thought we should try living without a microwave. I read that microwaves aren't proven to be safe.

I decided to try living without our microwave for one week. We heated up our leftovers in the oven. We loved the way it tasted! That was three months ago and we haven't looked back.

I did keep our microwave for when my hubby needs to heat something up on his lunch break. I simply put it in our laundry room. I created a lovely cookbook center on the shelf where the microwave used to be in our kitchen.

Ditching the microwave works for me


Anonymous said...

my microwave is rarely used . . . maybe three times a week.
A toaster/ convection oven is a wonderful kitchen appliance to have.

Ally said...

Oh wow...don't think I could do that! I do love leftovers warmed up in the oven, though!

Julie Bagamary said...

I use my microwave a TON but have been curious lately that most recipes I see don't use it.

Forever Neighbor said...

I hardly use our microwave also, my hubby tends to use it more. Blessings!

Maria D. said...

My microwave has been doing strange and scary things lately, so we've been doing without, as well. It certainly makes one plan ahead a little better! I would be curious to see a post on adjustments you've made after quitting the microwave.

Anonymous said...

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