Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homestead Goals

I posted previously about making monthly homestead goals I'm hoping to accomplish two this week if I start feeling better!! I'm hoping to make some raw milk yogurt this week. I found a new recipe that only requires a quart of milk instead of a half gallon. I feel much better about possibly wasting only a quart instead of a half gallon!!

On Friday I'm having a cheese making day with a friend if we're all healthy, in exchange for cheese she' giving me some of her freshly butchered grass fed beef!! I'm hoping to make two pounds of mozzarella and getting some ricotta cheese as well.

I'm also going to make a list of how many seeds I need to order for our gardens. My dad is giving me the equipment to make several new square foot gardens so I'll be planning those out as well. I'm also very excited about finding two plants... grapes in a container and a peach tree in a container. I can't wait to try those out!! My main goal is to have my final lists ready and know how much my garden will cost this year by next Sunday. I hope to order seeds the next week.

Do you have any homestead goals you're working on?

This is one of the things that work for me....setting goals to helps keep me focused on my goal of having a suburban homestead. For more works for me ideas check out We are That Family


Jennifer said...

We want to figure out bee keeping and get that going this spring. You are doing great on your goals.

Jennifer said...

Autumn, I gave you an award at my new blog