Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saving Money Around the House

I'm going to be really honest... I love to spend our tax refund! I plan and plan about what I want to spend it on. I always get a home school budget for next school year and a summer clothes budget. I was dreaming big this year though.

I have been drooling over IKEA's website for the a few months dreaming of all the goodies I could buy. I was justifying a few new book shelves, a table, and some other goodies as part of my home school budget. My final cost was almost $1000!! That was not going to work! I began slashing my "needs" and ended up with a final of $600, that was still too much. What's a girl to do??

I started looking at what we have around the house. We had an old table in the basement so my son and I brought it up and now it is the new sewing center/writing center! I also wanted to put up some bulletin board by the table and instead of buying some I'm using old cardboard covered with scrap booking paper I had.

Instead of buying hundreds of dollars worth of book shelves I have been decluttering our shelves and I think I'll just buy a $40 one from Walmart and complete our Library wall in my large master bedroom. I always wanted a book nook and found a great idea on a blog. I'm going to put a two shelf book shelf along the edge and voila! Add a couple large pillows to the floor and it's a "book nook"!!

Total cost for the new school room? $40.

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Sandra said...

That's great! $40 is much cheaper than the $1000 you had started with! :0)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Autumn,
I too am starting to look around the house and use what I have before I buy.