Friday, December 4, 2009

A Frugal Christmas...

Christmas is getting closer and closer. Are you ready? One of the ways we keep our Christmas budget low is by shopping all year. I always check the clearance sections at stores and on line.
On line shopping saves me time and money if I can get free shipping and no sales tax! I love Amazon for their selections and prices.

We also make gift baskets for friends and family. I buy baskets at thrift stores and yard sales and then I stuff the baskets full of baked goodies and items from my stockpile. I keep the cost down by using items that I get free with coupons like shampoo, razors, body wash, and other items.

The kids also make play dough for their friends and we like to make gifts in a jar as well.

This will be our first year of giving the kids only three gifts each plus their stockings. I'm hoping this goes over well and I wish we would've started sooner. We're giving one large gift and then two smaller gifts. The plan is to give one gift that they really want and fill in with some smaller items.

One of the ways I keep the costs down with the stockings is by picking toys up at yard sales and thrift stores. In the past I have found a huge bag of my little ponies for $1 and a bag full of animals for $1.50 at a yard sale. I also found American Girl books for .10 each. I only buy items that look brand new. Here is a list of goodies I fill them with... a book, candy, fun socks, and small toys. For our son I usually put football trading cards and candy in his.

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The Prudent Homemaker said...

Those are great ideas for stocking stuffers! That's great that you found American Girl books for .10 each! Garage sales here never have much (unless you want to buy old paint) and the used book stores rarely get them in. I bought some for my daughter this year on; a whole set of used Kirsten books. They look brand-new! They are not going in her stocking, though; they are her birthday gift (right before Christmas).

I am printing out paper dolls, paper toys, etc. to go in the children's stockings. I also add candy and some fruit, and sometimes nuts.

I have links here

to my favorite printables.

I am making fabric crowns for the children for their stockings. One daughter is getting hair ribbons. My oldest daughter made her two little sisters some bead bracelts with beads that we've had for a long time. I am also making each child a handkerchief (with an embroidered initial in the corner) from an old sheet. I did this last year and they all want more.