Saturday, December 5, 2009

Real Food Grocery Shopping

As our family has made the switch to real foods grocery shopping has become more of a chore. It takes more time only because I need to really think about what I'm buying so I have switched (again) to once a month shopping. I do still take $25 a week for fresh produce if we need it. Here's a list of where and what I like to buy-

Raisin Rack ( a health food store in the big city)
Local grass fed organic beef, pasture raised chickens, and pork
I also buy bulk Sucanat here and some raw cheeses.

Whole Foods
bulk organic candy ( not a real food I know but helpful in the reward area)
grass fed roasts
some produce
organic apple juice by the gallon ( in glass jars!!)
organic olive oil
**my kids each get to pick one treat per child per month and they usually pick it from here**

Trader Joes
hot dogs
Kerry gold butter
mac and cheese ( another not real food but easy for days I don't want to cook!!)
Jo Jo's ( oreo like cookies- 2 packages per month)

Local Bulk food store-
unbleached all purpose flour 20lbs every two weeks
sea salt
50lb of potatoes
baking powder aluminum free
baking soda
bulk yeast
all my spices

Local Farm
raw milk 5 gallons a week
fresh eggs 2 dozen a week

Most of my tomato products are from my pantry that I canned over the summer. I also have a ton of frozen veggies from either my garden, the produce auction, or Amish roadside stands.

I'm already planning on expanding our garden again this coming year and I'm hoping our berry patch produces well. I'm also going to try making butter from some of our raw milk and yogurt. My plan is to try that in the coming weeks...I'll let you know how it goes!

Do you have a favorite place to buy real food?


Anonymous said...

Hi Autumn,
I did my real foods shopping yesterday and I posted about it. It can be a chore however I am learning that if I stick to the outer edge of the store it is much easier.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about fresh ice cream from that raw milk. :)