Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Battling Discontenment

One of my "issues" is being discontent. I often long for a much bigger house and a huge yard to let the kids run and have some farm animals. I wish for the perfect body or the perfect marriage and kids. Today we decided to do battle with our discontentment and we did some purging and rearranging of furniture.

We started in my girls' room because it always seemed so cramped and small. We moved around a bed and some furniture and tossed tons of junk. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the room wasn't really small it just wasn't used right. After one day of working we found sweet contentment in a job well done.

How are you battling the discontentment monster today?


Anonymous said...

Hello Autumn,
I feel for you. Like Paul said contentment is something we have to learn. It is a very hard lesson. It seems we always want what we don't have.

frugalredneck said...

I too struggle with discontentment. I also "change things up" quite often. I rearrange rooms monthly, One room a month. It always makes me feel like I have new stuff. I recover my couches myself, I get fabric from garage sales etc. And I always feel like I have a new couch or chair, and the good feeling of doing it myself. I am not a keep up with the joneses girl at all, I just see things I would like to have, I can;t have them, So I try to do my best to make them, or come close, This seems to satisfy me. Before I throw anything away, anything, I take a moment with it and think if there is anyway I could reuse it to make something else. My new passion is bathroom rugs. I found a youtube video last month that shows how to make the most absorbant and awsome looking rugs out of worn bath towels. I made one for my daughter's apartment and she wants more, just loves it, I am currently working on a huge one for my upstairs bathroom. Michelle, frugalredneck