Monday, November 16, 2009

Something I never thought I'd hear...

"Mom! Daisy took her underwear off again!"

I woke up today to find out that our puppy Daisy is in heat...poor thing spent about an hour in her kennel while we made the trip to the Pet store only to discover that cloth diapers for babies are cheaper than diapers for dogs!! I asked an employee about a cheaper solution and she recommended using an old pair of underwear and pads from the dollar store.

Once we got home I quickly cut a whole for her tail and stuck a pad in the underwear ( during which time my almost 11 year old son said...Mom, why do you have a puppy pad??I was not prepared for this conversation this morning!!!) and wrestled the dog into submission. I think Daisy is beyond embarrassed with her current look. Poor girl, I have to say though that it does make me laugh every time she walks through the living room!

How was your day today?


Cara said...

We use dad's old ones, and put the tail through the fly ;)

Jennifer said...

thanks for the laugh!