Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creating Family Memories

I grew up in the best family ever. Really and truly I had a very awesome childhood. Holidays and birthdays were big events. We celebrated every extended cousin's birthday until the magical 18th came, Thanksgiving and even more important day After Thanksgiving shopping with all the moms, grandmas, and daughters, and Christmas! I was surrounded by aunts, uncles, grandparents, and many cousins at all the major holidays and some non major holidays. I never realized until I grew up just how much those memories meant to me. I want my babies to feel the same cozy feelings I do when I think of all the holidays past. One of the reasons I wanted a large family was for the celebrating of holidays!!!

Unfortunately life changes, grandparents pass away and families grow apart and we must create new memories. My children don't know what they're missing but I do and I grieve for what they don't have. I also have realized that it's my turn to create the warm fuzzy feelings and memories for my kids. One of the things we started doing is going to our town's Christmas parade. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we try to meet friends at the parade early and set up camp. We bring blankets, hot chocolate, footballs, and snacks and hunker down to watch the parade.

We also try to have a small Christmas party for friends each year. Another family tradition is called a "traveling Christmas Tree party" we go to each family member's home and enjoy their decorations and snacks. I think this year we might do a little caroling as well.

Creating memories works for me

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