Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reducing Our Grocery List

One of the ways I make our grocery money stretch is by cooking from scratch. However, I was still buying convenience foods like egg noodles, manwich, pancake syrup, and chocolate syrup. I just assumed that making those items were too hard and that it was easier to just open a package or bottle. I finally ran out of my stock pile of almost free Manwich and pancake syrup and decided that I wasn't going to buy them from the store anymore. I searched the web and found some great recipes that my family loves even more than the store bought.

I love knowing that my grocery list is shrinking every time I make more foods from scratch. I can't wait until I reach the stage of only needing rice, flour, Sucanat, cocoa, yeast, spices, and just a few other items from the store. Cooking from scratch saves us money and our health!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

You MADE syrup? I would love to hear more about this.


Jen said...

Just found you from "Works for me Wednesday." You have some great ideas and I would love for you to join in my "Penny Pinching Party" I host every Wednesday. Your blog has the perfect name for it.