Monday, September 21, 2009

How to save $10 or more this week.....

What are some things that you could do to save at least $10 this week?

Here is my list...
1. Take movies/video games back on time ( will save $8.00)
2. reserve several new books at the library instead of buying ( saved $60 this way!! Yes I am addicted to buying books and yes, I do read all of them!!)
3. Try to keep driving down...this will be hard but if I plan right I should be able to cut down.
4. Avoid eating out. We've been doing really good until my hubby's vacation, now we're getting back on track. ( will save $30-40)
5. I budgeted the money I earned at our yard sale for my son's Spanish book, Math manipulative's, and any "fun" spending for myself for the next two months. ( savings of at least $50)
6. Making our bread and cookies this week.
7. Not buying wipes this week and using our cloth ones. ( savings of $7.00)

What can you do to save $10? Feel free to share your ideas with me!

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Jennifer said...

Great tips!

We are eating mostly from our freezer this week.

Mom2fur said...

Getting DVDs back to the library on time is my biggest weakness, and they charge a dollar a day if you're late! So I stick with books--at least you get 4 weeks to read them.
I rarely buy books. The prices make me cringe. I can remember when a paperback was about $2.25. Now you could buy steak dinner for what one of them costs!
My biggest money-saver this week was visiting the farmstand that is about a mile from here. Homegrown tomatoes are about 1/4 what the grocery charges for the hothouse variety!

Shay S. said...

Money is super tight this week, so *I bought a cheaper bag of dog food (for only $2.50).
*I took diapers from my parents that we were keeping there just in case instead of buying.
*I turned leftovers of chicken & rice into soup for lunch.
*We are eating PB&J sandwiches for lunch w/applesauce a couple days.
*We are using meat from freezer and bought very few items at the store. Grocery shopping was under $40 this week.
*Using towels to clean spills instead of paper towels.

Shay S. said...

Oh, I had more to say...I went out of town for MOPS convention at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (I did fundrasing to earn all but $50 for ticket and $20 for hotel). Not bad for a resort w/ only 2 in the room. We took food from home (turkey & ham sandwiches, snacks, etc.) and ate out only one time in three days. My roomie even treated me to the meal, so that was free for me. We ordered large sandwiches and chips and saved half of it for lunch the next day. Taking a cooler and having a room w/ a fridge is so worth it.