Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We are a large family living in a small house, at times the clutter can be overwhelming. My husband enjoys coming home from work to a peaceful home, but with five kids 10 and under it can be difficult to keep our home peaceful. It can be hard to keep a content spirit when you look at other peoples clutter free homes and times I'm bitter about not having a much bigger home instead of counting the blessings that come with our current home.

One of the ways I'm trying to make our home appear bigger is by tossing all the clutter. It's no easy task, especially since we're homeschoolers and we have tons of books, games, and other educational supplies. I need to have the faith that God will provide things when we need them and not hold onto everything for "just in case". I'm looking through new eyes and noticing the piles of books and magazines on all the flat surfaces of our home. Our home is being taken over by the "unseen" clutter!!

I am really trying to simplify our life. I don't want to spend hours cleaning our home when it could be spent playing with the kids and when school starts not rushing through the day. We do not need all of our treasures. I want empty drawers, closet hangers that have no clothes on them, all toys and books to have a home. Getting rid of our clutter instead of organizing it works for me


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Our family is the same size as yours - 5 kids (ages 1.5-11) and we are in a tight space right now, too. Our downstairs is off-limits for a loooooong time while my husband renovates it, bit-by-bit.

When we made the move to put everyone upstairs - three girls in one bedroom (ages 4, 6, 7), two boys in the other (ages 1.5 and 11) - I did a major de-clutter!

As more time passes, I am finding clutter working its way back in. *sigh* Thanks for the reminder! Life is better with LESS not MORE. :)

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I only have 2 kids, but we are in a smallish house also. I am going crazy from the clutter. I'm slowly trying to pick through it this summer. I need to get rid of MANY toys!

Stephanie said...

We live in a small house too. And we have 5 kids 9 and under. husband likes to come home from work to a picked up, peaceful house. It is a challange. But you hit the nail on the head...less is more. And if I look around there is lots we can do without. Two big things for me are being creative with storage and organized. I struggle with the latter. But am working on it. :)

Great post!