Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Homestead Happenings

We had a stay at home day yesterday, we spent it de-cluttering even more...another two garbage bags full to throw away or give away.

I also got caught up on my weeding in our gardens. My broccoli is actually becoming broccoli....we have one very small head of broccoli growing. We were really excited about it...we've never grown it before and we eat a lot of it. Next year I'll definitely buy more than four plants since two of them were eaten by an unknown pest. The kids were excited to see that you can actually see beans on the plants now. Also today we'll pick our first cucumber of the year. We have six more on the way. I'll also pick our first pepper to have in salad tonight. Unfortunately my garden "helpers" pulled all the tops off of my onions so they're pretty much done. I can only find them if I accidentally hoe into them.

Today we have some errands to run, a couple library trips and we need to drop off my son's basketball camp money. The rest of the week will be pretty low key. Our oldest is going on a mission trip with our church for four days!! The girls and I will be finishing our purge of the house and a little from the basement.

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Anonymous said...

Your onions should be fine. give them a chance to grow the tops back so you can see them, then cut them back everytime they grow up again. The bulbs will get bigger this way instead of the energy going to the 'leaf' part. You're doing a great job and the kids helped more than they thought :)