Friday, July 10, 2009

Frugal Friday

Here at our house things are about to get a little crazy. Summer is speeding by and we're heading into day camp for all four of my oldest, football season, our church VBS, soccer, and going back to homeschool. I know that if I'm not prepared this will also be a season of eating out- a lot, which means spending way too much money and costing us health also. What's a busy momma to do?

Next week is our last "lazy" week of summer, so I have planned a huge freezer cooking session. I went to "town" (Whole Foods/Trader Joe's) yesterday and bought two month's worth of food. I planned out what will happen each day of the week. My goal is two months worth of meals in my freezer.

Freezer cooking saves me money in two ways. First, I'm not tempted to eat out every day and that saves us at least $20 for every meal we eat at home versus fast food. Second, my grocery bill is usually cut in half. Here's an example, yesterday my girls and I went shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and I bought two months worth of many meats, "goodies", fruits, vegetables, and many other items. My total between the two stores was $300.00- now I know that sounds high but for our family of seven I could easily spend twice that amount in one month...this is for two months worth of dinners, lunches, and breakfasts!

I will still need to shop for fresh produce, milk, and eggs the next two months but having the garden will help with the vegetables and the rest I'll buy at local Mennonite stores, our local organic store, and our grocery store right beside our house. I am in need of a coupon break and need to break the chasing every deal disease I have caught.

Cooking once a month or for two months is a great way to save money and live a frugal life!! Stay tuned next week as I blog about having a huge cooking session with my little helpers. I'll be posting recipes, having my son take some pictures, and laying out our plan.

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Brooke said...

finding a freezer recipe for mashed potatoes was life changing! okay that may be a tad dramatic, but peeling, cutting, and cooking the potatoes before the 10# bag goes bad and freezing them so all i have to do is reheat? my favorite tip of the year! :)

Mom2fur said...

I wish there was an Amish store near me. My mom has them in Ohio and not only are the prices reasonable, the food is superior! I always grab a few things to tote home (600 miles away) when I visit.

Can't wait to see your freezer festival--I'm bookmarking you, LOL!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I really need to do this before summer is over! I am headed back to work come fall and this would help while I adjust.


Jennifer said...

I am tired of chasing deals too. Aside from going to CVS to avoid expired ECBs I am trying to just shop at 1 store a week, Wal-Mart. Unfortunately it isn't working the greatest. But I am trying, because I need a break from bargain hunting too.