Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Looking for Recipes!!

My husband leaves for work at seven in the morning. He works in a meat locker in temps under 35 degrees all day and I would like to send him off with a warm breakfast everyday. I have been looking at breakfast recipes that you can make in the crock pot that cook overnight.
I really don't want recipes that take 12 eggs in them, only two people here actually like cooked eggs so I'm asking you...

Do you have a tried and true crock pot breakfast recipe? If you do please share it! Imagine...waking up to breakfast being ready during the school year... no mess.

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Amanda said...

I'm not blogging anymore, but here's a recipe that I posted a while back for a 7 grain cereal in the crockpot. You can add different fruits or spices to change it up a little.

Another idea is to do a huge batch of breakfast cookies, muffins, or burritos for the freezer. They defrost quickly in the microwave or toaster oven. Even if your family doesn't like eggs, you could do burritos with potatoes, beans, and cheese, or whatever combo sounds good to you.