Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homestead News

Our puppy is completely housebroken after only two weeks. She is a wonderful puppy. She fits our family just right. I am so glad we took her home!!

The garden is getting ready to produce!! You can actually see my little cucumbers growing! All pepper plants are in bloom and two are almost ready to pick. There are many green tomatoes on almost all the plants. The broccoli in our garden next door is huge but something ate it from our side garden. My raspberries and blue berry bushes are growing well.
We did clean out a little by our shed, enough to see that next year I will be able to plant back there as well. I am also going to be adding two extra garden beds surrounding our home.

Our used curriculum sale was yesterday. I didn't sell as much as I had hoped. There was a low turnout, not many people came at all. It was a little disappointing. However, I did get my son's math u see for next year for a really great price. He was excited!! I bought some fun books for the kids and myself. I also picked up a couple of toys that should keep my youngest two busy for a little while during school.

The weather is very chilly here. I think after riding lessons tomorrow we will do some baking. Brownies and maybe a yellow cake with chocolate icings. I will make up some freezer chocolate chip cookie dough as well. If things are going well I will also make up some pancake mixes, waffle mixes, brownie mix, and muffin mix. This summer is flying by and I like to have the house and kitchen in order before school starts again, so I will be doing more cooking for the freezer. I am pleased about the amount of crock pot recipes I have found lately and as we try them I will post them if they are great.

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