Friday, July 10, 2009

Cookin' Up a Storm

I am in the process of putting enough meals in our freezer to last two months. I planned on starting next week but due to not paying attention I had some fresh hamburger that needed used up.
The first thing I did was put 3lb of raw meat in a skillet and started browning it, while that was cooking I started chopping onions and peppers to put into a meatloaf mix. I don't cook our meatloaf first, I mix it all up and freeze in bags so all I need to do is thaw and cook. Here is a link to our favorite meat loaf recipe this is a great way to use up onions or green peppers from your garden.

Total meals completed today...
2 meals of meat loaf
3lb of hamburger cooked for use in sloppy joes, tacos, or chili

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Mom2fur said...

There's a recipe on Allrecipes that you can use for some of the ground beef, "Slider Style Mini Burgers." You make it casserole style, not like individual burgers. The meat mixture freezes beautifully, and of course you can freeze a package or two of mini-buns, too! We love this. Here's the link:

Well, I'm not sure if that's an actual link, but you can just look up "Sliders" on Allrecipes. After you cook the casserole, each person can garnish his/her serving as they like!

I'm looking forward to other freezer meals you plan!