Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farmer's Market Shopping

In our town we have a farmer's market every Saturday and it's become a tradition for my mom, my girls, and me to head there every Saturday morning. We decided to brave the rain today and see what bargains could be found.
Here's what I got...
17 ears of Incredible sweet corn $2
15 bell peppers $5
a huge bunch of carrots...all big and really good $1
a HUGE bucket full of!!!!
Total spent at the market $8

Yesterday we stopped at a roadside produce stand after riding lessons and I bought the following...
dozen ears of corn $3
3 green peppers $1
2 candy onions $1
2lb of green beans $2
One pint of bread and butter pickles $2.50
* I also received 15 cucumbers from a friend for free and a zucchini from my husband's co worker for free.

We ate a dozen ears of corn and the rest will be cut off and frozen. I'll be cutting up all the peppers and onions to freeze. I'll be spending the day tomorrow making pickles and blanching the green beans. My parents, the kids, and I are planning on heading to a produce auction on Wednesday morning and I can't wait to see what kind of deals we'll find!!

Have you shopped your farmer's market lately?


Jennifer said...

I have a farmers market story I don't really want to share LOL, but I did go yesterday and got pickling cukes, I am making pickles tomorrow, they are soaking now in lime. Now, I want to know where you go to a produce auction. I hope it is close to me!

autumn said... owl creek produce auction in ohio and you should be able to find out exactly where it is. I guess it's huge...we've never been but I heard even grocery stores shop there!! I'll let you know how it goes.
A friend said it's way cheaper than the farmer's market and having a garden!!We'll see!