Sunday, July 26, 2009


I can still remember as a little girl when my mom and grandma got together and canned. It was hot, sweaty, and lots of yelling at us kids to get out of the way. I swore that when I grew up I was never ever going to can anything. I kept my word on that until today... I decided I wanted no needed to make pickles just like the ones I remember my grandma making. Never mind that I have never canned anything by myself in my life or the fact that all five of my darling children were home. It looked easy enough. It sounded easy enough. Reality is though, making pickles is harder than it looks the first time. I spent most of today chopping cucumbers and putting them on ice after sending my husband on the hunt for mustard seed for two hours I broke down and had him buy a pickle in a bag ( all the seasonings you need in one handy bag) so much for making my pickles from scratch, and that put me behind my canning schedule.

Tonight I am waiting on the water bath to boil for 10 minutes and then I will see my hard work...what should've been 7 quarts of pickles only made 4 quarts due to me running out of liquid and not packing my cucumbers tight enough. Which means tomorrow...I'll be making more pickles.

I also got my grandma's recipe for "neon green" pickles aka lime pickles so I'll be making those tomorrow too, if I can find lime.

Canning does get easier right?

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Jennifer said...

I just made pickles yesterday. Except I started the process on Saturday. My recipe (my grandmother's) called for soaking the pickles in lime for 24 hours. then other things, etc. It is a 3 day process for my recipe. Like you I didn't get enough pints, based on what I have gotten in the past. I am contemplating another batch, but it will have to wait a few weeks.