Saturday, July 11, 2009

He's Home!

My oldest child has been gone for four long days. He went with our church on a mission trip and he was the first child to be gone that long without a parent or grandparent.
All his siblings cried themselves to sleep every night. Today we spent most of the day cleaning his room, making his favorite cookies ( whoopie pies) from scratch, and making welcome home signs.

He saw some powerful things. He has a new appreciation for what he has and how we live. Life isn't as simple as he thought it was. He met a child who was six who had been shot in the leg. He used to think his life "wasn't fair" now he knows just how unfair some kids lives really are.

He helped do a traveling VBS for children who can't go to church in the inner city of Cleveland. The first day they couldn't complete their route due to gang related killings. He helped bring Jesus to many different children this past week. I am so proud of him.

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Mom2fur said...

Welcome home to your son! It really is hard the first time they spread their wings, isn't it?
I bet he enjoyed the whoopie pies!