Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today was our second stay at home day in a row. Riding lessons were cancelled due to sickness (not ours!) but we did go to church.

The cloth diapers I bought came today. I was so excited. They seem really nice and they arrived really quickly...I ordered them on Sunday and received them today. I washed them right away and was ready to dry them when I realized my dryer wasn't drying the clothes that had been in their 1.5 hrs!!! GRRRRR we've only had this dryer for a year. I'm glad I've gotten used to using the clothes line. Tomorrow will be our first day in clothe diapers and pull ups.

I made banana muffins for breakfast/snacks and my son wanted chocolate chip muffins so he made a batch all by his self!! Lunch was leftover pork loin sandwiches and carrot sticks. I put sloppy joe in the crock pot for a quick dinner. I also cleared out the cupboards of expired foods and took a few bags to our churches food pantry.

How was your day today?

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