Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homeschooling on a Budget

Do you want to homeschool but have no idea where the extra money will come from to buy supplies? You can use the library for a lot of items but sometimes you need curriculum. You can check used sales but sometimes you might not even have the funds for that. Here is a great way to earn free money to buy your curriculum... Swagbucks... I'm sure you've heard of it but if you're not using it you're missing out. It only takes 45 swagbucks to buy a $5 amazon gift card. I usually earn two $5 gift cards a month...some people earn many many more. You can buy a lot of curriculum if you save up and spend at least $25 to get free shipping. This is such a wonderful way to keep your homeschool costs down.

Another low cost homeschooling curriculum is the Charlotte Mason way. She advocates using real books and copywork and art. You could easily use your library for everything and just buy a math curriculum and a couple books on the Charlotte Mason homeschool. There is a website Ambleside online that offers curriculum out lines for free. We will be using this a lot this coming year.

Do you have any money saving tips for homeschooling?


ProntoLessons said...

Used curriculum fairs is another idea for finding high-quality materials at deep discounts. Just go to Google and enter "used curriculum fairs [YOUR CITY]" and see what comes up.

Laurie said...

I've been able to purchase almost all of my A Beka curriculum on Ebay, and have also found Switched on Schoolhouse there as well. When I'm done with the books (I don't let the kids write in many of them and use notebooks instead)and CD's, I turn around and sell them on Ebay. Works great and I get to use the books for next to nothing!

Jennifer said...

I have borrowed curriculum before to save money. I also print things off the internet instead of buying things. I make sure I try to use what I have first before buying new things. I also try to get things that can be used with more than 1 child, either the same year or in consecutive years. Homeschooling is expensive any way you look at it, but worth it. OH and borrow from the library as much as possible.