Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spending for the month of May

We have been trying to save money for our trip to the beach in September/October, here's how our spending broke down for the month of May and where we need to work....

Eating Out $75.00 ** We only went out for fast food twice and ordered pizza twice. It sure doesn't take much to add up. This month we're striving to not eat out at all again.

** Gas** $60.00 not including the money spent in cash. This really is because of my driving, my husband walks to work every day. I can get this down. Unfortunately probably not in June though... the kids have church and riding lessons on Wednesday and then starting June 10 is our Summer reading program which is really great this year and we'd like to attend all of them.

** Misc. Spending** this includes thrift store purchase, Walmart, Household spending, etc. $200** this will definitely get cut back. I am committed to curbing my spending habit yet again. We don't need anything and I have realized we have way too many clothes, stuffed animals, and I hate to say this but books. I am planning on having a two day yard sale here in the next couple of weeks. Time to cut the clutter!!

How was your spending in May?

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