Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Homesteading Update

Today I used leftover pork tenderloin and made shredded BBQ sandwiches and made homemade hamburger buns. For dinner I made Salsa chicken made with homemade salsa and Spanish rice.

I didn't drive anywhere at all today and didn't spend any money. We spent the day cleaning and de-cluttering. I also tried my hand at homemade angel food cake but it didn't turn out well at all. Tomorrow I'm planning on having a small baking day and am planning on making bread, pancakes, and gluten free peanut butter cookies. I also need to find something I can throw in the crock pot for dinner since tomorrow night is crazy busy with horse back riding and church.

It felt great to be at home and not spending money. If I could just keep it up for at least 21 days...and make it a habit!!

How was your homestead day?

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~Sara said...

I am really enjoying following your homestead challenge. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.