Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

This week has been pretty frugal. I did have some garden expenses but now I'm done. My total for all the plants was $85.00 - not too bad but I'm not sure it was really frugal. I'm hoping the garden will do really well and I'll save a lot of money.

We still haven't turned our air conditioner on. We also aren't turning on the lights until about nine p.m.

I did do a lot of driving this week but didn't spend very much money. I found a place to buy local organic milk and eggs. I also have gotten back into using the library and have saved well over $200 in the last two weeks by reserving the books I had wanted to buy.

My son and I did some goodwill shopping on Monday-the whole store was 50% off!! I found five new American Eagle shirts, a skirt, a Christmas dress, Reagan's 4th of July dress, and five books and I spent $16.00.

We didn't eat out all week. I haven't done too great sticking to my menu but at least we didn't eat out!!

I hung all our laundry out on the line. We're down to one trashcan a week for a family of seven- I'd love to reduce it even more...the price of trash is getting crazy.

We have started having some of our bills paid directly out of our checking account saving time and money.

I'm hoping that since I've started our homestead challenge that it will help us save even more money since I won't be chasing all the deals and we're emptying our freezer. We will be using our huge stockpile and our freezer full of meat to keep our grocery bill down. The only items I still need to purchase are diapers and wipes, everything else I have almost one year's worth stockpiled.

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Missy said...

You had a great week Good luck on the garden

Jennifer said...

You had a great week. I will be following your homestead challenge. I think I spent about $100 on my garden, but that did include 2 new raspberry bushes. I am hoping for lots of tomatoes this year!