Monday, March 5, 2012


Our dairy goat is due to kid sometime this month. Yesterday I noticed that she had mucus coming from her rear view so we've now started the dreaded waiting game! I've been reading up on what to expect and how soon we could expect to see a baby but so far nothing I've read has helped me narrow it down.
I spent yesterday checking on her throughout the day. She mostly wanted to lay around but would get up if I started to rub her back. I did notice she was doing a lot of yawning and licking her lips. Most websites recommend checking the goats ligaments but I'll be honest I'm not sure what the heck I'm feeling for!

This morning I woke up hoping to find a baby goat but no luck. Ariel was being very aggressive to our other goat Oreo ( who is not bred). She also was aggressive about getting her food today. I'm trying to leave her alone but I admit it's hard! This will be Ariel's first time kidding and mine!

Let the waiting begin!


The rabbit in the classroom said...

I remember the waiting game the first year we kidded. I had a copy of the Dairy goat book in hand and I kept telling my daughter ok the book says once you see this we could have 10 hours till pushing. (10 minutes later...Oh my word she is PUSHING! Flip a few pages... ok this stage could take up to 4 hours...5 minutes later her first kid was born. I put the book away, it was doing me no good LOL This will be our 3rd kidding season and I am still nervous. I don't think I will ever get used to it completely. Good luck with yours!

~Sara said...

How exciting!! I hope everything turns out well. Looking forward to the news of the birth!