Monday, February 20, 2012

Dangers on the Homestead

My children love living on our little farm. We have trees to climb, cricks to play in and build bridges across, and hay bales to jump from. I had been seriously debating on whether a four wheeler would benefit our homestead, once the hogs come it will be a little walk to feed/water them two or more times a day and let's face it riding on a four wheeler is FUN!

However, the truth is they can be dangerous as our small town is finding out. Yesterday a former schoolmate of my oldest had an accident. She was life flighted to a bigger hospital but unfortunately she still passed away. She was only 13.

I know that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. I also know that four wheelers can be great fun if handled properly. However, I also realize that my kids would probably just want to joy ride on it and could act dangerously. I've decided that for our homestead a four wheeler isn't in our future.

I'm using this accident as a reminder to myself that no matter how many times my kids have done things and were safe that it could change any minute. I won't forbid them from going to the crick or climbing trees but I will remind them to play it extra safe. It's easy to forget the dangers that could be lurking around the homestead.

Be sure to remember to hug your children extra tight today. You never know the day or the hour it could be your last time. I will be trying to explain the whys of death to my 13 year old and hold him a little longer.

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