Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

In Our Home

This week I spent some major time de-cluttering around the house. The weather was beautiful so we also spent time picking up outside. I started a price list to help reduce our grocery budget. I was also able to hang laundry on the clothesline almost everyday this past week!

Home school

We're plugging away with our school work. The girls have finished up their math books so we are reviewing their math facts until we order their new books. I have been implementing more and more of a Charlotte Mason home school theme. We are spending quality time on our subjects and then moving on to the outdoors to build bridges in the creek or identify animal tracks we find on the bank. We're also learning a lot about trees and finding out what types are the best for fire wood. My oldest has decided not to continue the online school route after having had so many issues with communication so we are looking into other options for him.

Around the Homestead

Nice weather means cleaning out the chicken coop! We hauled chicken poop and cleaned the barns. We also had a butchering day today with our mean rooster meeting his demise. I decided that at home butchering of chickens is not for me! I will gladly pay the $2.25 to have our local processor handle it for me. My son handled most of the work, along with my brother and uncle. Some of the girls braved it and watched the deed happen. We were amazed at how much movement happens after the chicken's head was cut off.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, not looking forward to cleaning out the coop thoroughly in the springtime. We're doing deep litter right now to help get them through the COLD winter months (and because it's just too hard to clean without a water hose). We have BIG plans to repaint the coop and run though...and add another door and largest run section to include a shallow pool for DUCKS. Do you have ducks too?