Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Willing to Sacrifice

Sometimes in life we realize that our dreams might always stay dreams because we are afraid of the sacrifices needed to pursue them. Our life right now is filled with sacrifices. Every day we make choices that may or may not require sacrificing comfort or wants. We choose not to eat out, which puts a strain on me at times because it means coming in and making dinner even after I've spent all day hauling firewood over a creek and up a hill. I generally enjoy preparing food for my family but after days like that I just want to crash. We eat a whole/gluten free diet which restricts much purchased food. I sacrifice my time to bring in the wood and then prepare our meals.

My children sacrifice activities at this time because due to unexpected circumstances we are making do with one full tank of gas a month. We still have our full day Wednesday but it's nice to hop in the car and go visit friends too!

I would love to have a closet full of designer clothes instead I make do shopping the thrift stores. I have a wish list a mile long on Pinterest that I want to buy!

There are also many things I desire to fix up the farm and add more animals. The reality is that this might be another make do sort of year which makes me sad. I'd love to extend our fencing add on to our chicken coop, instead I'll be purchasing some cattle panels and making a smaller pasture to rotate our goats in. My dream of raising all our meat on our own farm might have to go to the back burner. I am committed to purchasing two piglets come March which I am mostly prepared for. I might need to make a choice and cull some of our older hens to reduce our need for chicken feed. We have plans to purchase new hens so it only makes sense to give away the ones who aren't laying much anymore. We're also parting with one of our rabbits.

My focus is not only on reducing all of our outgoing costs but also how to bring in some money as well. My family and I are willing to make sacrifices to follow our dreams, are you?

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Barb J. said...

Sometimes it seems that all we do is make sacrifices, doesn't it. Most of the time, it's worth it, though.