Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Saved Quarter Challenge

I'm joining this challenge late because at first I didn't think I could save a quarter of our income. I decided that I'll shoot for $75 a month. This will be a difficult goal for us since my husband is self employed.

I'm currently baby sitting one night a week and earn between $15-$20. I also sell baked goods but that varies from $0-$50 a month.

I also use CVS for our household needs and have reduced our household budget to $5 a month.

Once my husbands job picks up again I'll hopefully be able to use my earnings for savings.

* Other ways I'm saving*
-using Swagbucks and saving Amazon gift cards for home school purchases
- Holding an annual yard sale
- selling books at consignment stores
- using Amazon's trade in program and earning more gift cards
- cutting cable and our home phone
- bartering for milk and eggs
- bartering some of our stock pile for gas in the van

Check out The Saved Quarter to see how others are doing in this challenge.


MorethanMom said...

Good luck!
I'm in too.

The Saved Quarter said...

Welcome aboard and good luck for meeting your goals! It's great to have goals that are achievable but a little challenging, and you've set them just right for yourself.

The Saved Quarter said...

We haven't seen you over at The Saved Quarter Challenge recently and hope you're meeting your goals! Stop by Monday and share your progress. :)