Sunday, January 16, 2011

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

I was cleaning out our freezer and found a ton of frozen berries from this past summer. My kids won't eat them in muffins or smoothies so I thought I might need to toss them but then I found a recipe for homemade fruit roll ups!

You need 2.5 cups of fruit puree. (I used red raspberries from our garden)
* one recipe called for adding lemon juice and some sugar/honey. I made ours with just the fruit.
* cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and cover with your fruit. Make sure you spread your fruit on the thin side!
* place in oven and cook at the lowest temperature you can. I baked ours at 150 degrees and also had our oven door cracked open.
* cook for 3-4 hours or until it's no longer sticky. I cooked ours just a tad too long. Next time I will take it out after 2.5 hours.
*cut into strips
* Store in air tight container.

One of my daughters tried them and said they taste just like store bought only crunchy. I tried a bite and they do taste like store bought and would be great had I not over cooked them!!

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ohiomommy said...

These are great to make if you have a dehydrator and the non-stick liners. My kids love them made from most any fruit.. applesauce works well too :) Thanks for the reminder on the fruit roll-ups. I need to use up some frozen peaches (like 4 gallons) and this will be perfect :)